Founders: Establish Family Vision and Mission

  • Articulate and share Founders’ narrative for documentation by BRS Multi-Family Office Team
  • Articulate Founders’ core values and desired outcomes for documentation by BRS Multi-Family Office Team
  • Set major goals and objectives initially and annually
  • Identify ultimate decisionmakers and gatekeepers
  • Document Founders’ intergenerational goals and initiatives
  • Establish Founders’ family advisory team to be led by BRS Multi-Family Office Team

BRS Lead Steward: Personal Advocate, Gatekeeper/Quarterback

  • BRS Lead Steward: Personal Advocate, Gatekeeper/Quarterback
  • Coordination and integration with Founders’ family and BRS Team
  • Advisory Team, and all other advisors, agents, fiduciaries, key employees, etc., serving Founders
  • Oversee and manage activities of BRS Team
  • Personal representative of Founders to the public
  • Initial filter, critical thinking, and triage for ideas and opportunities
  • Advise and coordinate major acquisitions, development, mergers, and sales
  • Oversight of business, compliance, estate, and financial matters in coordination with BRS Team, CFO, CCO, CIO and COO
  • Real property development, construction management, property management, and maintenance
  • Private negotiation and bank financing
  • Foundation, charitable direction, and oversight
  • Personal, family, and estate security

BRS Chief Compliance Officer (CCO): Ethical, Legal and Fiduciary Compliance

  • Comprehensive, active engagement with Founders’ family, BRS Team, Founders’ Family Advisory Team, and all other advisors, agents, fiduciaries, key employees serving Founders  
  • Review and monitor BRS Team’s practices in view of Founders’ core values and BRS’s code of ethics and privacy policy, as well as HIPPA and other applicable laws
  • Conflict resolution and peacemaking 
  • Asset protection analysis, advice, and consultation
  • Business succession analysis, advice, consultation, and planning
  • Act 20/22, Economic Opportunity Zone, Advanced Markets, and Advanced Tax Strategies consultation and coordination
  • Integrated cash flow, estate, financial, tax analysis, advice, and planning
  • Oversight and direction on legal matters, including legal research
  • Review current and past legal advice and services 
  • Interview and hire attorneys
  • Monitor legal advisors and advice
  • Review and monitor legal

BRS Chief Investment Officer (CIO): Investment Strategy and Implementation

  • Tax control savings plan (TCSP) analysis, advice, and planning
  • Establish and document Investment Policy Statement (IPS)
  • Asset allocation model development
  • Recommendation, selection, and monitoring of investment managers 
  • In-house portfolio management
  • Coordination of alternative investment and private equity opportunities
  • Consolidated performance reporting
  • Integrated cash flow, investment, and tax retirement (“rehirement”) planning

BRS Chief Financial Officer (CFO): Comprehensive Financial & Risk Management

  • Quarterly balance sheet reporting
  • Quarterly cash flow reporting
  • Bookkeeping, bill paying, and account reconciliations
  • Payroll and benefits administration
  • Risk management review and insurance coordination (all lines)
  • Estate, tax analysis, and advice 
  • Asset/property management
  • Fiduciary and trust services

BRS Chief Operating Officer (COO): Family Office Operations Management

  • Manage and serve staff providing Founders’ family office services
  • Establish and manage BRS Master Advisory Calendar
  • Serve and coordinate BRS Team’s efforts and tasks
  • Work closely with and assist BRS CFO 
  • Assist BRS CCO in tasks
  • Provide comprehensive merchant processing analysis and advice regarding Founders’ credit card processing