BRS Family Legacy Plan

The BRS Family Legacy Plan enables clients and their trusted advisors to make prudent legacy, business, investment, estate, tax, and risk management decisions. It provides a pathway and process for clear communication among all family members and professionals, effective collaboration, and specifically realistic, measurable and achievable goals.

Our clients desire to be generous stewards and leave lasting legacies through their children and grandchildren. They desire to pass the torch to their loved ones in a faithful, responsible manner.

Our clients desire to provide resources to fund educational needs of their children and grandchildren. They want to enjoy retirement with meaning and purpose without financial stress, what we call “ReHirement” to a greater good fueled by a passion to make a leveraged impact on the world and in the lives of others. They want to support charitable and scientific causes that make the world a better place for future generations.

Fulfilling these desires and accomplishing these goals demands much more than well-managed investment portfolios and maximizing the value of a business. Through our client interview and listening process focused on detailed data-gathering, we develop a comprehensive Family Legacy Plan for clients that integrates their values and goals with pertinent investment advice, risk management, business planning and management, estate and tax planning, and a variety of administrative and concierge solutions, including security issues, to provide a seamless, smooth, comfortable, and comprehensive wealth management plan that saves our clients time and many headaches.

We help our clients simplify, organize, delegate and automate their life stewardship planning. It’s our SODA process: Simplify, Organize, Delegate and Automate


the complex.


intra-family and professional relations, and all essential data.


leadership of professionals to the BRS Multi Family Office team as the gatekeeper.


decision-making in a manner consistent with clients’ values and goals.