Family-Focused Fiduciaries

A fiduciary is one in whom you place deep trust to exercise care in making decisions in your best interest and loyalty to your values, goals and family.As your fiduciaries, we:

  • Act at all times in your and your family’s best interests ahead of our own.
  • Facilitate dialogue and regular meetings between you, family members and the BRS advisory team.
  • Coordinate business, legal, tax, financial, compliance and other trusted advisors which improves efficiency, reduces errors, and results in better decision making. Formalized meeting processes, including use of published agendas and minutes, focuses efforts and improves accountability.
  • Obtain second opinions or additional advice on major financial decisions.
  • Interview and help you make decisions regarding best in class professionals to assist you with accounting, tax, financial and legal matters pertinent to your plan.
  • Efficiently transact and correspond based on your ever-shifting needs
  • Review, advise, and help you select best in-class fund managers based on fiduciary focused research.
  • Establish clearly articulated structures for making decisions, taking actions based on your plan, communicating, and adapting to changes in life circumstances, your business and the economy.
  • Listen, listen, listen, serve, serve, serve.
  • Inspire and encourage you to be a generous steward and leave a lasting legacy.